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Criminal Defense Lawyer In Birmingham, Alabama, Ready To Fight

Being arrested for a crime is always a stressful period full of upheaval and confusion. For some people, the arrest process is just the start of the upsetting trials to come. The good news is that you do not have to navigate something as complex and overwhelming as the state and federal courts all by yourself. With the help of experienced criminal defense lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, on your side, finding solid ground to stand on during this shaky legal battle is easier than ever. With a focus on fighting for the best possible outcome for your case for those facing criminal charges, Birmingham criminal lawyers are here to help.

What Are Common Types Of Criminal Cases?

Criminal cases can range in severity and type of crime. While some crimes are certainly worse than others, i.e., homicide is a more serious charge than robbery, any criminal charge has the potential to wreak havoc on the life of the accused. Here are a few of the most common types of criminal cases:

  • Drug crimes. This charge will usually be either a possession charge or a possession with intent to distribute the charge. While both are a serious criminal offense, the latter carries stricter punishment due to the scope. Drug offenses can range from drug-related paraphernalia, a person or possession of a small amount of legal or illegal drugs, to more serious cases of drug manufacturing and trafficking.
  • Burglary and theft. Whether it was breaking and entering, petty theft, or grand theft, stealing money, physical property, or intellectual property is always a crime.
  • Assault. Much like other criminal offenses, assault charges can be filed in several ways, such as aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or assault and battery. Since assault is a crime of inherent violence, this charge often carries harsher penalties than crimes with less overt violence.
  • Gun crimes. This type of charge is often filed in conjunction with another charge, such as assault with a firearm on your person may result in an assault charge and a gun crimes charge. Firearms do not even need to be used as part of the crime—simply having a firearm on your person or in the location of the crime may result in a gun charge, multiple charges, or an aggravated charge.
  • DUI. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to DUI charges following an arrest.
  • Domestic violence. While this may seem like a family matter handled in family courts, domestic violence is a crime handled in criminal courts.
  • Homicide. Murder charges are the most serious both in nature and the severity of the possible outcomes.

What Are The Degrees In A Criminal Case?

Criminal offenses are filed in degree charges. This occurs because not all criminal charges are weighted equally in the eyes of the criminal justice system. For example, the charges against you may be a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are being charged with a misdemeanor (or a 4th-degree criminal charge), this is the lowest-degree grade with the least severe consequences. Beyond the 4th-degree charge, you will be looking at a more serious felony charge instead of a misdemeanor charge. A second or third-degree charge is a more serious charge than fourth degree. First-degree charges are used for the most severe crimes within a criminal category. For example, a drug possession charge may be a third-degree felony but drug possession with intent to distribute may be a first-degree felony. It is worth keeping in mind that each degree carries its own penalties, and the more serious the degree, the more you will pay in fines and the longer the possible jail sentence.

What Are The Consequences Of A Criminal Case Conviction?

When you are facing a conviction for a criminal charge, it is important to understand the possible consequences. For most misdemeanors, the punishment is typically fines and community service, but a judge may also order up to a year of jail time. For second and third-degree cases, you may be looking at hefty fines (up to $15,000) and increased jail sentences of up to 15 years. For a first-degree case, the fines increase to up to $30,000, while the jail sentence has the potential to carry a life sentence, depending on the crime. Aside from the ramifications imposed by the justice system, being a convicted criminal can carry other consequences. For example, individuals with a criminal record may find barriers in other areas of life, such as difficulty finding employment, losing custody of minor children, and issues securing housing. For the sake of your future, seeking legal advice from a Birmingham criminal defense lawyer following a criminal arrest is always a smart move.

Do I Need Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers?

While you are not required to seek criminal defense lawyers for your defense case, it is certainly a good idea for a few reasons. For starters, an experienced criminal law lawyer understands proper police procedures and the legal system, as well as how to advocate for the best possible outcome for you as an individual. They will act as your guide throughout this confusing process while working to have the charges dismissed. If a conviction is inevitable due to the evidence, then the lawyer will work on reducing the possible consequences. Either way, having a legal team in Birmingham, AL represent you during this difficult time may mean a better outcome overall.

Find Legal Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorneys Now

Being arrested for any type of crime is stressful. Regardless of the severity of the charges, you deserve compassionate legal counsel when you need it most. Building a thorough defense should be an immediate priority once charges have been filed. Let a criminal defense attorney help you today. Call our law office at 205-881-5641  for a consultation to see how we may be able to fight on your behalf.