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Maximizing Your Compensation in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Birmingham

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When it comes to a personal injury, you have the right to seek compensation due to someone else’s negligence. In a personal injury case, there are certain things to know in hopes of maximizing the potential compensation settlement. From lost wages and medical bills to emotional suffering caused by the accident, it is possible to win a settlement for a high sum, depending on the specifics of your case. Here are a few things to know as you fight for the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Seek Medical Treatment ASAP

Once you have suffered a personal injury, the most important thing is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible following the accident. This will start a record of the injury and its physical impacts. If you wait to go to the hospital for an injury, the liable party may be able to claim that the injury was not as serious as you are claiming since you were able to wait to seek medical help. They may also be able to suggest that the injury you sought medical treatment for was not a result of the accident but rather something that happened sometime between the accident and the time you finally sought medical treatment. The argument could also be made that the injury was not serious enough to warrant compensation since it did not require medical treatment.

Document the Injury Right Away

It is important to document the injury as soon as possible to create a documentation trail. The type of documentation you collect immediately following the incident will be helpful later when it comes to seeking maximum compensation. You should seek documentation in the form of medical reports, witness accounts, and a police report if possible. This will come in handy for proving that the accident occurred the way you claim while also setting up that all-important documentation trail for a strong personal injury case.

Keep Evidence Organized

Once you have collected evidence in the form of documentation from medical records, police reports, and witness accounts, you should keep all of this information in one place, so it is ready to present to your legal team. You should also include any photographs of the accident site, your injuries, or any other pertinent images with these other documents. You should also keep documentation of days missed at work as a result of the accident. By keeping clearly organized and well-documented records of the accidents, injury, and following events, you make it easier for the lawyer to ask for maximum compensation when the personal injury case goes to court.

Avoid Speaking with Insurance Company

It is important to avoid speaking with the liable party’s insurance company in a personal injury case. The insurance company is looking to pay as little as possible in a settlement, so they will seek errors in your answer and try to trick you with certain misleading tactics. The insurance company may even try to settle with you for a lower settlement right away in hopes you will just take the first offer. Insurance companies also try to stall your claim in order for it to run out of time according to the statute of limitations on personal injury claims. In order to seek maximum compensation, you should avoid dealing with the insurance and let your lawyer answer their questions.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

One way to maximize your potential compensation is to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests. A personal injury lawyer will be well-versed in this type of case, so they will be able to ask for maximum compensation while guiding you through the process. They will be able to tell you what to avoid or what to do in order to reach a maximum compensation settlement in your case. Best of all, your attorney will answer your questions along the way and act as your legal representative dealing with the insurance company, liable party, and courts.

Follow Orders

When recovering from a personal injury, it is important to follow the medical advice of a medical professional. Many people seek compensation for a personal injury by claiming the injury has impaired their ability to perform certain tasks, such as heavy lifting or other strenuous movements, but then the insurance company catches them performing those tasks which makes it appear like the claim is fraudulent. If the doctor places limitations on your physical abilities as a result of the injury, it is imperative that you follow the limitations. You should also ensure that you follow the doctor’s orders on things like rehabilitation and treatment for the injury. Following orders regarding limitations and recovery may be essential to your lawyer’s ability to ask for maximum compensation in your personal injury case.

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